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How to Care for Red Apple Ground Cover

Red apple ground cover (Aptenia cordifolia) is a low-growing succulent, sometimes called heartleaf ice plant. It has small, deep green leaves and is covered in tiny, red blooms from spring until fall. Red apple ground cover grows well in full sun to light shade and fast-draining soil. In regions with extremely hot summers it should be planted in an area protected from afternoon sunlight. This plant's foliage breaks easily, so select a growing location without heavy pedestrian traffic.

Dig a planting hole double the diameter and 1 1/2 times the depth of the pot the red apple ground cover was purchased in.

Remove half of the loosened soil and replace it with organic compost. Mix the remaining garden soil and compost well.

Place the roots of the plant into the prepared planting hole. Return the loosened soil and water until it is evenly moist to the roots.

Check the soil often and water only when the surface feels completely dry.

Pull up wayward plants when they are noticed, as red apple ground cover invades other areas of the garden quickly if not kept under control.

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