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How to Care for a Gomphrena Plant

Gomphrena (Gomphrena globosa) may have an unusual name, but the little annual bloomer lights up the landscape with attractive, globe-shaped blooms in shades of bright purple, pink, white, red, orange and lavender. Each small bloom measures about 1 inch in diameter, with a single plant producing dozens of blooms from midsummer to mid-August. Gomphrena, also known as globe amaranth or globe flower, is a sun- and heat-loving plant that will attract a variety of butterflies to your garden. Once established, gomphrena is virtually maintenance-free.

Plant gomphrena in full sunlight. Select a planting spot where the soil drains well, as gomphrena is drought-tolerant but doesn't tolerate wet, soggy soil. Allow 10 to 12 inches between each plant.

Water gomphrena during periods of hot, dry weather. Provide enough water to saturate the root zone, then don't water again until the soil dries.

Pinch off wilted gomphrena blooms, as deadheading keeps gomphrena neat and tidy and prevents the plant from going to seed too early. To deadhead, pinch the faded bloom with your fingernail. Include the attached stem down to the next bloom, bud or leaf.

To grow gomphrena in a container on your patio, fill the container with any commercial potting soil. Place the container in a sunny spot, and water when the soil feels dry.

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