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How to Mix Type S Mortar Mix

By Leah Perry ; Updated September 21, 2017

Mortar mixes are classified by letters to distinguish between the various ratios of the ingredients used in each one. The most commonly used components of construction mortar are Portland cement, sand and lime granules and the varying amounts of each element used result in different properties in the finished mortar. Type S mortar is considered the simplest mix to work with because it can bear a high amount of pressure and yields a tensile, flexible concrete when dried. You can make your own batches of Type S mortar mix as long as you use the correct proportions.

Add four full bags of Portland cement into a large mixing container followed by half of the last bag. This should leave you with about 47 pounds of cement remaining in the last bag.

Pour out hydrated lime into the industrial scales until you have 90 pounds of lime. It will require four and four-fifths bags of lime to get that much weight. Add the weighed lime to the Portland cement in the container.

Measure out .81 tons of sand using the scales then add the sand to the cement and lime. Mix the three ingredients together thoroughly from the bottom up to ensure even distribution throughout the container.

Remove 80 pounds of Type S mix from your mixing container and put it into the mixing machine. Pour one and a half gallons of water into the mixture and allow the mixing machine to run for three to five minutes. Prepare as many batches as you need allowing one and a half gallons of water for every 80 pounds of Type S mix.


Things You Will Need

  • 5 bags Portland cement, 94 pounds each
  • Large mixing container
  • 2 bags hydrated lime, 50 pounds each
  • Industrial scales
  • 1 ton sand
  • Machine mixer
  • Water


  • Keep mixed Type S mortar in containers with lids and label them for future use so you know exactly how much mix you have.
  • If you can't make industrial-sized amounts of mix, scale the quantities down while maintaining a ratio of 2:1:9 for Portland cement to lime to sand.


  • Do not mix any type of mortar mix with water until you are ready to work with it or the mortar mat dry before you can apply it.

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