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How to Clean the Filter on the Hoover Mach 3 Cyclonic Vacuum

By James Clark ; Updated September 21, 2017

The Hoover Mach 3 Cyclonic is an upright vacuum cleaner with a clear dirt cup and reusable filter assembly. The main filter is attached to the dirt cup and unscrews for quick removal. Cleaning the filter takes a few minutes using the combination tool supplied with your Hoover vacuum. The two secondary filters are located at the top of the vacuum below the handle. These can be hand-washed using mild detergent. For safety, do not operate the vacuum while any of the filters are removed.

Unplug the Hoover's power cord from the wall outlet.

Press the button on the top of the dirt cup on the front of the vacuum cleaner to release the top of the dirt cup. Pull forward on the cup and lift out.

Unscrew the main filter assembly off the top of dirt cup to empty the cup. Turn the assembly upside down over a trashcan to clean the main filter with the combination tool.

Align the tabs on the filter assembly with the notches on the dirt cup, then twist the filter assembly clockwise to lock it on the cup.

Pull down the latch on the inside of the Hoover vacuum at the top while the dirt cup is removed. The latch releases the secondary filters, which swings downward for removal from the vacuum.

Push gently on the white and black filters to remove them from their frame. Wash each filter in cold water with mild detergent, then rinse to remove suds. Let the filters air dry for 24 hours before reinstalling in the vacuum cleaner.


Things You Will Need

  • Dish detergent

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