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How to Keep Squirrels Away From Pumpkins

By Janos Gal ; Updated September 21, 2017
Squirrel on pumpkin
Rebecca Grabill/iStock/Getty Images

Squirrels can cause havoc in any garden. Squirrels are rodents like mice and rats and they especially like garden vegetables, such as pumpkins. You can find squirrels in parks and zoos asking for treats and in forests collecting feed. However, squirrels can enter your garden and ruin your year's work by eating up vegetables, fruits and plants. This is why it is important to keep squirrels away from your garden all year-round. Fortunately, several inexpensive tools can help you scare away all squirrels from your pumpkins.

Step 1

Rabbit in garden
MikeLane45/iStock/Getty Images

Scatter a handful of hair clippings around the pumpkins you wish to protect. The hair will annoy the squirrels as they sniff it in through their nostrils and it will keep the squirrels away from your garden. You can use the same technique against rabbits.

Step 2

Cat litter
Vitali Dyatchenko/iStock/Getty Images

Scatter used cat litter around the pumpkins. The squirrels will keep away from the pumpkins if they smell the cat's urine in the litter. Refresh the litter once a month. Put a plastic or textile cat near the pumpkins to make the squirrels think there is a real cat in the garden.

Step 3

Yevgeniya Shal/iStock/Getty Images

Mix petroleum jelly and Tabasco chili sauce. Spread the cream on the pumpkin's skin with a paint brush. The spicy hot sensation of the Tabasco sauce will burn the squirrels' mouth and keep them away from your pumpkins.

Step 4

Fox in garden
davidfnash/iStock/Getty Images

Sprinkle Shake-Away fox urine powder around the borders of your garden. The fox urine smell will make the squirrels think that there is a fox in the garden and they will keep away from your pumpkins.

Step 1

Electric fence
Dcwcreations/iStock/Getty Images

Set up an electric fence around your garden. The electric fence will shock the squirrels and they will not return.

Step 2

Man trims branch
Minerva Studio/iStock/Getty Images

Cut off any branches that hang over the fence to stop squirrels climbing into your garden through tree branches.

Step 3

Man digs hole in gardne
Stefano Alberti/iStock/Getty Images

Set the fence poles around the periphery of your garden following the manufacturer's instructions. Read the manual to find out how much distance you need to leave between each pole and to determine the correct operating voltage for the fence.


Things You Will Need

  • Hair clippings
  • Used cat litter
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Tabasco chili sauce
  • Paint brush
  • Shake-Away powdered fox urine
  • Electric Fence


  • Collect dog urine and place it around the garden in open containers. The urine smell will scare the squirrels away.


  • Put signs on the electric fence to warn passersby about the electric charge.

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