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How to Scare Away a Crow That Won't Leave

By Deborah Whistler ; Updated September 21, 2017
Crows are smart and can be difficult to get scare away.
Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

Crows are most likely unwanted guests in your yard. They’re noisy, messy pests that will eat your crops of fruit and vegetables. Where there is one crow, many more are often soon to follow. They are also very smart and if can be difficult to get rid of them once they've established your yard as their territory. Crows are protected and it’s illegal to kill them in most states, you can use various methods to discourage crows from roosting on your property. You may to use one or a combination of these methods to eradicate crows from your yards.

Perch a fake owl dummy or fake snakes on your roof. Crows are afraid of owls and snakes, as are most other birds. Place a life-like owl dummy or simulated snakes in a highly visible location on your roof to keep the crows at bay.

Clean up your property. Crows are attracted to any food or water source. Use bird nets to keep crows out of your garden. Keep any areas where you keep garbage clean and secure from birds. Use trash bins with tight-fitting lids. Don’t leave garbage out in trash bags since birds will tear open bags to get to food. If birds are attracted to a compost pile, you might consider getting rid of it, or storing compost in a bin that isn’t accessible to the birds.

Make loud noises when crows are present. You can bang pots and pans together or shoot off firecrackers to scare crows away. “Bird bangers” are devices that shoot firecrackers 100 feet in the air and are used to scare away crows. These techniques need to be used consistently whenever crows are present to work. Commercial bird repellent audio systems are available that let out sounds of distress to scare other birds away. Ultrasonic bird control devices are available that send out sounds that are unattractive to birds and can’t be heard by humans.

Place bird spikes on limbs of trees where crows perch. Bird spikes won’t hurt the crows but make it impossible for the crows to perch.

Use a crow trap. Once you have trapped the crow, you will need to release it far from your property. Birds are territorial and will fly for miles to return to their territory.


Things You Will Need

  • Crow traps
  • Ultrasonic crow repellent
  • Bird spikes
  • Heavy-duty trash cans with tight lids
  • Dummy owls and snakes
  • Bird bangers
  • Pots and pans
  • Bird netting