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How to Use Pavers as Edging for a Flower Bed

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Edging your flower bed does much more than make it look neat and tidy. Edgers create a protective border around your flower bed, keeping grass, weeds and other unwanted trespassers out. It also keeps spreading flowers from wandering too far out into your yard. Pavers make a good choice for edging, because they are small and unobtrusive, while also being nice to look at. The low profile of pavers makes them easy to mow right over, eliminating the need for trimming around the edges.

Lay out the edges of your flower bed. Use a garden hose or rope to outline where the edges of your flower bed will be. Your flower bed can consist of straight lines, or curve along with the natural rolls of your land.

Dig a trench along the border of your flower bed using a spade or small shovel. The trench should be 4 inches deep and 1 inch wider than your pavers.

Cut strips of landscape fabric wide enough to line the bottom and side walls of the trench. Use sharp scissors or a utility knife to cut the fabric. Place the fabric inside of the trench. This material will keep weeds and other invasive plants from crossing under your pavers to get to your flower bed.

Fill the trench with sand to about a half-inch from ground level. The height of the sand will vary based on the thickness of your pavers, which need to sit about a half-inch above the ground.

Set your pavers in the sand, following any kind of pattern you like. Press them firmly into the sand to make sure they stay put. The pavers should sit about a half-inch above the ground. The height is necessary to keep invaders from crossing your flower bed border, but any greater height will make it difficult to mow over them.

Lay a 2-by-4 piece of wood on top of the pavers. Use a rubber mallet to hit the wood every 3 to 4 inches to ensure all of the pavers are an even height. Start on one side of your flower bed and continue over the entire edge.

Pour sand over your pavers and gently sweep it with a broom, moving sand into all the cracks and crevices between pavers.

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