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How to Disable the Safety on a Murray Mower

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A safety cut-off switch is located under the seat of a Murray riding lawnmower. The switch is pressure-activated and is designed to disrupt power to the engine of the mower if the operator leaves the seat while the mower is in operation. The wires that connect the switch to the engine must be located and spliced together in order for the switch to be disabled. The ignition will then be the only method used to start and turn off the mower engine.

Raise the seat of the Murray riding mower and locate the safety switch. The switch has two wires that lead to the contacts on the switch.

Pull the wire connectors free from the switch. Use a pair of pliers, if necessary, to pull the wires free.

Cut the wire connectors from the ends of the wires with a pair of wire cutters.

Strip 1-inch of plastic insulation from the ends of both wires with a pair of wire strippers. Hold one of the wires and twist the small individual wire strands together tightly to prevent fraying. Repeat the process with the strands on the second wire.

Overlap the two wires and twist them together. Screw a wire nut onto the twisted wires to hold them together.

Wrap the wires and wire nut with electrical tape to help hold the wires together and seal out moisture. Lower the seat of the Murray mower for operation.

Put A Belt On A Murray Lawn Mower

Park the Murray riding mower on a flat and level area suitable for working. Turn the engine off and set the parking brake. Pull the arms off the chassis pins. Unhook the extension spring from the blade control rod. Obtain a replacement belt from a mower repair shop or home-improvement store. Pull the retainer back and place the belt on the idler pulley. Slide the mower housing back under the mower chassis so it is centered. Connect the suspension links to the mower chassis supports and secure them with hairpins and washers. Raise the mower housing and connect the spark plug wire back to the tip of the spark plug.


Be aware that disabling the safety on your Murray lawnmower may void the manufacturer's warranty.

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