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John Deere TRS-21 Snow Blower Instructions

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The John Deere TRS-21 is a walk-behind snow blower that is designed to force snow off hard surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks and move it to the side in order to create a clear path. Available for purchase online and through select home retail stores or dealers, the snow blower should only be operated by adults due to the weight of the machinery, the use of electricity, and moving parts that may cause serious injury or even death if improperly used.

Connect the power cord to the John Deere snow blower and plug in to an electrical outlet that can support at least 120 volts.

Turn the main power key to "On." Move the choke lever to the "Closed" position.

Push the "Primer Bulb" once if the ambient temperature is above 15 degrees Fahrenheit and push the bulb twice if the temperature is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. The primer bulb is located above and slightly to the right of the choke lever.

Pull the "Starter Handle" in a fast and constant motion to start the engine. The starter handle is located next to the primer bulb. Release the starter handle and gradually move the choke lever to "Open."

Move the snow blower forward to remove snow and create overlapping sections. Turn the key to "Stop" when the task is completed and unplug the unit from the power supply. Wipe the snow blower dry before storing.

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