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How to Repair a Homelite XL Chainsaw Oiler

Homelite is a maker of many outdoor lawn tools. Among these tools is the Homelite chainsaw. This chainsaw is rugged and durable. It uses an automatic oiler system to help keep your chainsaw lubricated while you are working. The chain and bar require this constant lubrication because of the extreme heat generated by cutting friction during use. If the bar oiler does not work, you must repair or replace it.

Turn the oiler screw of your Homelite with a screwdriver. It is possible that no oil may be escaping if the screw is turned down too tight. Turn it with the screwdriver slightly to the left. If oil appears to be ejected after this adjustment, you may have solved your problem. If it does not appear to be working, proceed to the next step.

Clean out the small oiler hole located at the base of your Homelite's bar using the tip of a screwdriver. Test your saw and look to see if oil is ejected. If it is not, proceed to the next step.

Inspect the bar oiler tank for any cracks. Drain out the tank by removing the cap and tilting the saw. Allow the old oil to drip into your drip pan. Clean out the tank with a small toothbrush. Refill the oiler tank with Homelite bar oil.

Loosen the blade tension screw with a screwdriver. Remove the bar nuts with an adjustable wrench. Slip the chain off the bar, then remove the Homelite's bar. Also remove the spark plug wire.

Loosen the clutch cover's C-clamp with a screwdriver, then remove the clamp, sprocket and needle cage by hand.

Clamp the clutch removal tool to the clutch assembly and turn it clockwise to loosen and remove it. Slide the clutch assembly off once it is loose.

Remove the two screws holding the old oiler pump in place and then take it out by hand. Hold the new oiler pump in position and insert and tighten the retaining screws with your screwdriver.

Slip the clutch assembly back over the drive shaft, then fasten it with the clutch tool by turning it counterclockwise. Place the needle cage, the sprocket and the C-clamp back in position, then use your screwdriver to tighten the C-clamp's retaining screw.

Slip the chain back over the bar, place the bar back into position and install the bar nuts with your wrench. Tighten the chain tension screw with your screwdriver until the blade is secure. Replace the spark plug wire.

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