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How to Find Railroad Ties

By Tabitha Harwell ; Updated September 21, 2017
Railroad ties can be used for more than just train rails.

Enhance your yard or garden by using railroad ties to build raised flower beds, retaining walls, fence posts, and driveway borders. Railroad ties can be purchased through private tie companies, railroad tie manufactures and at local tie yards. Ties come priced separately or as a bulk rate, which may be beneficial for large landscaping jobs.

Step 1

Contact your local train yard to find out if they will sell or donate pre-used ties. Train yards may have recently switched ties on the tracks and will pile old ties to the side to recycle. Depending on where you live, the yard is sometimes open to the public to pick through the ties.

Step 2

Look through the phone book for tie manufactures. Some manufacturers do not sell to the public because purchases must meet a certain minimum, but they will sell to contractors or companies. If you know a contractor and need the ties for a large project, it may be cost-effective to purchase in bulk.

Step 3

Look online at websites that offer free postings for people wanting to get rid of things. If the project does not require new ties, you may be able to find used or old ties at a discount or free rate.

Step 4

Talk with local gardening companies to find out if they have a recommended supplier for railroad ties. Gardeners and landscapers use ties in projects and may have a referral for you.


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