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How to Test High Pool Chlorine Levels Using Dilution

By Damon Koch ; Updated September 21, 2017
Distilled water is used in the dilution method to test extremely high levels of chlorine in pools.

The chlorine level in a swimming pool should be maintained between 2 to 3 parts per million (ppm) to ensure balanced water. The chlorine level is tested at regular intervals using a swimming pool chemical test kit. Many standard test kits will not test water that has a chlorine level that is extremely high. It is important to know the level of the chlorine before adding chemicals to bring it into balance. A method called dilution is employed to test high levels of chlorine in pool water.

Fill the test vile from the kit half full of pool water. Take the water from 18 inches below the surface of the water to ensure a good sample.

Add distilled water to fill the test vile the rest of the way.

Shake the vile to mix the liquids thoroughly.

Squeeze the reagents into the vile according to the instructions on the test kit you are using. Shake the vile to mix the reagents.

Read the number on the vile that corresponds to the color of the liquid. Multiply the number by 2; this is the true level of chlorine in the water. For example, if the liquid tests at 6 ppm, the true level is 12 ppm.


Things You Will Need

  • Pool test kit
  • Distilled water

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