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How to Glue LVL Beams Together

By Cecelia Owens ; Updated September 21, 2017

Knowing how to glue laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams together can make the difference between creating your own wooden masterpieces and having a stranger recreate your dream from your memories. LVL beams are long pieces of lumber that are usually used for grand windows and wide doorways. With wooden LVL beams, you must use extremely adhesive glue; not using strong enough glue will cause your wooden structures to collapse.

Pour super glue into a paint roller tray, and then use a paint roller to soak up the super glue. According to the Carpenter Books website, Titebond is the strongest super glue on the market. Titebond II is strong and water-resistant, while Titebond III is strong and waterproof.

Apply super glue to the area where you want to glue the beams together. The glue will roll onto the wooden surface like paint.

Press and hold the LVL beams together to secure them. The glue is incredibly strong, but it might take 30 minutes to an hour to bond heavy LVL beams together.


Things You Will Need

  • Paint roller tray
  • Paint roller
  • Super glue


  • Heat can dry the glue up quickly; work in a shaded area, and then hold the beams together in the sun to dry the glue quickly.


  • You must roll the super glue on quickly, because it can dry rapidly. If the glue has dried up, simply reapply the super glue to the same area.