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How to Replace a Line With a New Blade in an Echo GT 200R Trimmer

The Echo GT 200R string trimmer comes with a fixed line system, which means, unlike other trimmers, it uses a single, short piece of nylon line. This nylon is thicker than regular lines and will break off less frequently against hard surfaces, like rocks, or curbs. However, since this line is larger than most, you will need to replace the line with only the same type and size of line, as recommended by Echo’s manufacture guidelines.

Slide the ignition switch on the rear handle into the “Off” setting to shut off the Echo GT 200R’s engine. Place the engine onto the ground, positioning the head so it's upside down. Wait until the head stops spinning before grabbing it.

Grab the moving part of the head and pull out both pieces of nylon line through the recesses in the center head. Clean the area around the recesses, the outer wall of the head, and inside the head with the rag. Look for cracks, chips and other signs of head damage and replace immediately if broken.

Push the new .08-inch diameter trimmer line through the hole on the outside of the head. Push the second piece of line through the opposite hole on the outside of the head. Push the lines through until they meet in the middle. Line lengths should be equal proportions.

Replace A Line With A New Blade In An Echo Gt 200r Trimmer

Align the hole in the upper plate with the hole in the bearing housing (located on the shaft between the shield and head). Tighten the screws and nuts on each of the three blades with a standard screwdriver and wrench until the blades are tight. Install the flat washer and locknut. Tighten the locknut until the head doesn't rotate on the shaft.

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