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How to Repair a Toro S200 Snowblower

By Nina Nixon ; Updated September 21, 2017

The Toro S200 snow blower is used most often during winter months when snow covers the ground. Frequent use of the Toro S200 snow blower can weaken the starter switch. As a result, it is likely to be one of the first parts on the machine to wear out. Like automobiles, regular maintenance of the Toro S200 snow blower is essential. Engine oil, filter screen, and spark plug maintenance is required to keep the Toro S200 snow blower running efficiently.

Check the connections to the power source to make sure it is secure.

Remove the starter switch and replace its rubber boot if it is worn. Moisture can damage the starter switch circuitry if there is contact through the rubber boot of the switch.

Connect the probes of the ohmmeter or continuity tester to the starter switch and then press the starter switch. If the light does not come on to show continuity, replace the damaged switch. If the Toro S200 does not work, contact the manufacturer for additional support.


Things You Will Need

  • Ohmmeter or continuity tester
  • Starter rubber boot
  • Starter switch


  • Perform maintenance regularly. In particular, check the spark plug and replace if necessary.


  • Apply these steps only after all electrical components are turned off. This includes the starter circuit. Ensure the machine is disconnected, and not conducting energy.
  • Practice standard safety measures when working with machinery to avoid serious personal injury.

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