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How to Replace the Front Wheel Bushing in a John Deere L130

The John Deere L130 is a riding lawn mower with a 23-horsepower V-twin engine. All four wheels have two plastic pieces in the center called bushings. The bushings make direct contact with the axle and protect both the axle and wheels from wear. After regular usage of the mower, the bushings will wear down, causing the mower to ride unevenly. When the bushings are worn, it is important to replace them with new bushings to prevent damage to the axle and wheels.

Turn off the mower and engage the parking brake.

Position the jack under the side frame of the mower, behind the wheel that you would like to remove.

Raise the mower using the jack. Follow the jack manufacturer's instructions to lift the mower.

Slide the jack stand under the frame and then lower the jack until the weight of the mower is off of the jack and onto the jack stand. Remove the jack.

Remove the cap on the end of the wheel by pulling it off. Use a screwdriver to pry it off if the cap is stuck.

Remove the clip on the axle by placing a flat-head screwdriver against it and then tapping on the end of the screwdriver with a hammer.

Remove the wheel from the mower axle.

Pry the wheel bushings out of the wheel with a flat-head screwdriver and hammer.

Insert the new bushings in the center hole of the wheel and secure them in place using the hammer.

Place the wheel back on the axle and secure the wheel in place using the clip that was removed.

Replace the wheel cap by pushing it back into place.

Lift the mower off of the jack stand using the jack, remove the jack stand and then lower the mower back to the ground.

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