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How to Repair a Mobile Home Floor with Concrete

By Elle Di Jensen ; Updated September 21, 2017

Manufactured homes are known for their affordability. Not only are they built in assembly-line style, reducing building time as well as cost, but the materials used are less expensive than those used in a traditional stick-built home. While this can make a larger home affordable, it can also lead to structural problems at some point, like with flooring. Even the floor of a more modern manufactured home will at some point show signs of wear like sagging, grooves and rippling. Fortunately you can repair a mobile home floor with a few items found at your local home improvement store.

Strip the floor of any covering such as linoleum or carpeting.

Prepare the area to be repaired by sanding over and around it with the power sander. This helps the thinset concrete adhere to the floor.

Mix the thinset in the bucket according to the directions on the packaging.

Apply the thinset to the damaged area of the floor. Smooth it out with the trowel, working it so that it meets and slightly tapers over the edge of the original flooring.

Allow the concrete to set up briefly. While it is still wet retrowel the surface to ensure it is level and even with the original floor.

Recover the floor with carpet or vinyl.


Things You Will Need

  • Power sander
  • Thinset concrete patch mix
  • Bucket
  • Hand trowel


  • You can save the carpet you removed, if it is not damaged, and put it back once the floor beneath has been repaired. In most cases vinyl or linoleum have to be discarded and replaced entirely.
  • Factors such as room temperature and humidity can affect how quickly or slowly the thinset concrete sets up. Refer to the packaging for instructions and guidelines on set times.
  • If the dip or groove you are repairing is very deep it may be necessary to apply more than one coat of thinset to build up the sagging area to meet the surrounding surface.

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