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How to Set 032 AV Stihl Chainsaw Ignition Points

There are two points of ignition on a 032 AV Stihl chainsaw: the spark plug and the ignition module. The spark plug’s gap can easily be fixed by replacing the spark plug. The gap, or point, on the ignition module is much more precise and needs to be set by hand. This point is the distance between the magnets on the flywheel and the ignition module. When the flywheel’s magnets align with the module, the charge is sent up to the plug. If this distance is improperly set, the magnets will not align and no ignition will take place.

Unscrew each of the four bolts holding the fan housing cover of the chainsaw in place. Remove the screws and wedge the cover off with the screwdriver. Disconnect the rubber boot from the end of the spark plug.

Unscrew the short circuit wire from the tag on the side of the ignition module. Disconnect the wire from the module. Loosen the two retaining bolts holding the ignition module in place. Lift the ignition module up. Disconnect the high-tension lead wire from the top of the module.

Inspect the magnets on the flywheel. Magnets shouldn't show signs of discoloration or damage. If they do, you will need to replace the entire flywheel. Check both the wires to make sure they aren’t damaged or corroded. Replace any damaged wires.

Reconnect the lead wire to the top of the ignition module. Place the ignition module back into its seat. Thread the screws about halfway, but don’t tighten them down. Twist the flywheel around until the magnets align beside the ignition module.

Insert the 032 ignition-setting gauge into the gap between the magnet and the two arms of the ignition module. Push the ignition module against the setting gauge and tighten down the retaining screws. Fit the short-circuit wire into place and tighten down the screw to the tag. Refit the fan cover in place and tighten down the four bolts.


The setting gauge for the 032 AV chainsaw must be obtained from a Stihl service dealer.


Do not attempt to disassemble the ignition module as a high voltage spark can still be held inside the coil and can cause serious injury and even death.

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