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How to Remove Calcium From Pool Plaster

By Kimberly Johnson ; Updated September 21, 2017
Calcium appears as a white buildup.

Swimming pools provide fun and entertainment during the warm months, but they also require quite bit of maintenance. One of the most important maintenance tasks is balancing the chemicals and mineral levels in the pool water. One problem that often occurs is a white, chalky buildup on the pool plaster due to higher than desirable calcium levels. Excessive calcium buildup can be removed with abrasive cleaning techniques.

Step 1

Open the drain valve on the swimming pool and allow the water level to lower 1 to 2 feet so that you can easily access the calcium deposits, which occur mainly at the waterline.

Step 2

Look at the side of the pool plaster where the water previously reached and locate any white, chalky areas, or other areas that appear darker or lighter than the surrounding plaster. These are areas of calcium buildup.

Step 3

Pick up a long-handled pool brush, which also is called a tile brush. Place the brush directly on the areas of calcium buildup, and move it back and forth with firm pressure to dislodge it. Continue scrubbing all the way around the perimeter of the pool plaster to remove the calcium.

Step 4

Examine the plaster for any stubborn areas of calcium buildup that were not removed with brushing. Place a pumice stone on them and gently scrub the plaster until the calcium buildup flakes off. Run your hand over the surface of the plaster and, when it is smooth, the buildup is gone.


Things You Will Need

  • Long-handled pool brush
  • Pumice stone
  • Calcium dissolving cleaner (optional)

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