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How to Adjust a Craftsman Weedeater

By Keith Dooley ; Updated September 21, 2017
Use a small blade screwdriver to make adjustments to a Craftsman weedeater carburetor.

Craftsman Weedeaters feature two-cycle gasoline-powered engines that power the trimmer cutting head mounted on the end of the trimmer shaft. The two-cycle gasoline engine has a carburetor that can be adjusted so the proper mix of fuel and air is achieved for best performance. Adjusting the carburetor may be necessary when the Craftsman trimmer will not idle or accelerate properly when started.

Start the Craftsman Weedeater as normal following the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure the proper fuel mixture is used in the fuel tank to avoid potential problems.

Allow the Craftsman Weedeater engine to run and warm up sufficiently before making and adjustments. Run the trimmer at a high idle speed by depressing the trigger throttle for one minute.

Release the trigger throttle and observe the operation of the trimmer at low idle speeds. Locate the idle adjustment screw on the back of the Craftsman Weedeater behind the fuel tank. Look for a small hole in the air filter and muffler cover.

Insert a small blade screwdriver into the hole in the air filter and muffler. Turn the adjustment screw to the right or clockwise if the engine is attempting to die at low idle. Turn the screw 1/8 inch at a time until the engine runs smoothly.

Turn the adjustment screw to the left if the engine idle is too fast. Make small 1/8-inch incremental adjustments until the trimmer idles smoothly.


Things You Will Need

  • Small-blade screwdriver

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