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How to Clean Muddy Pool Water

Mud can get into a swimming pool from mudslides, windstorms or heavy rain. Whatever the cause, a muddy pool is an unsightly mess. Skimmers and filters won’t be able to remove all the mud from your pool without help. Adding flocculants to your pool will allow the filter to pick up all of the mud. The flocculants bind with the small mud particles, making them larger so the filter and skimmers can pick them up.

Step 1

Turn off your filter and clean it out thoroughly. Clean out your skimmers as well. Turn your filter back on.

Step 2

Add one qt. of flocculant for every 40,000 gallons of water directly to the pool water. (Ref 2)

Step 3

Clean out your skimmers and pool filter every day until the mud is gone.

Step 4

Add fresh water to your pool to replenish any lost water.

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