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How to Use Pavers As Stair Landing

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Homeowners with steep yards often lessen the slope by landscaping with retaining walls and stairs. This gives the yard an appearance of being more level than it really is and adds more usable yard space. Use pavers as a stair landing for the stairs. They will last a long time and there are many different styles to choose from, including shape, size and texture. Pavers add dimension and visual appeal to any yard.

Draw the outline of the stair landing onto the grass with spray paint. Dig out the area inside the outline with a shovel. Make sure the landing will be tight against the edge of the first stair. The depth of the dug out area should be at least 6 inches plus the height of the paver you are using.

Pour 4 inches of gravel into the dug-out area. Level the surface of the gravel so that the pavers will have a flat surface to sit on. Dampen the gravel with some water. Use a compacting machine to compact the gravel. Move the compactor over the gravel in a circular motion.

Hammer edge restrainers around the edge of the landing. Make sure to put one in front of the stairs as well.

Pour 1 inch of sand over the gravel. More sand can be used if you need to bring the tops of the pavers even with the ground. Drag the edge of a 2-by-4 over the sand to smooth and level the surface.

Lay the pavers in the correct pattern. Start at the edge against the stairs and work out. The pavers should be pressed lightly against the edge restraints. Cut pavers with a masonry saw for a perfect fit around the edges.

Pour dry, fine-grained sand onto the pavers. Use a broom to sweep the sand over the pavers, allow it to fill any gaps between pavers.

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