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How to Buy Zorro Zoysia

By Tracy Morris ; Updated September 21, 2017
Zorro zoysia is a hybrid form of zoysia that may be grown throughout the south.
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Zorro zoysia is a variety of zoysia grass that was developed by Texas A&M University in 2002. The grass is a hybrid of Z. matrella. It has a fine texture and tolerates low light conditions and heavy foot traffic as well as several species of mites insects and diseases. The grass tolerates frequent, close mowing, which makes it ideal for sport turf or golf courses. The grass is tolerant to cool weather as well as saline soil, which makes it a viable choice for the Appalachian mountain range as well as coastal areas.

Determine if Zorro zoysia is right for your lawn. Zorro zoysia is a patented hybrid that is marketed only through affiliates of Turfgrass America. The company King Ranch Turfgrass, which helped to develop Zorro zoysia in conjunction with Texas A&M University, has a turfgrass selector on its website which can help you determine if Zorro zoysia is right for you. Alternately you can use the turfgrass chooser that is located on the website for Turfgrass America. Zorro zoysia grows well through U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 and above.

Locate a Turfgrass America sales associate for your region through the Turfgrass America website. There are five Turfgrass America regional sales offices that service the United States. Contact your regional sales associate to discuss purchase of Zorro zoysia. Know how many square yards or square feet of sod that you want to purchase in advance.

Ask about which services the sales company provides and what they cost. If you have the ability to cut and haul your own sod, some companies will allow you to do this to save on the cost of harvest and delivery. Others will allow you to pick up sod pallets from the farm. For a delivery fee, some sod distributors will bring the pallets to your location as well as fertilizing the soil, installation and post-installation care.

Choose between purchasing Zorro zoysia seed, plugs or sod. Zorro zoysia is most frequently sold as grass plugs because it provides an instant green carpet of lawn. Seed and plugs must both be planted on bare soil with no weeds. Weeds or aggressive grasses such as Bermuda grass can cause a high rate of seed failure and can crowd out plugs.

Inspect Zoysia shipments as soon as they arrive. Request that the supplier provide certification labels that show that the sod has passed all local agricultural agency regulatory inspections. These inspections vary from state to state. Zoysia sod and plugs must be fresh and moist with a good rooting system and no yellowing. Reject any sparse or yellow zoysia. Sod and plugs should ideally have been harvested no more than a few days prior. Seed must be certified as having been produced for that season of planting. Older seed becomes less viable.


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