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How to Clean Oil from a Swimming Pool

By Michael Davidson ; Updated September 21, 2017

Regular cleaning and filtering is needed to keep a swimming pool healthy for swimming. The water requires proper chlorination and maintenance to prevent mold, bacteria, algae and other substances from accumulating in the water. Oil is another substance that could accidentally find its way into a swimming pool, and it needs to be cleaned out immediately to keep the pool water swim-safe. Cleaning oil from a swimming pool requires some specific supplies for best results.

Scrub the sides and the floor of the pool with a pool brush to remove any oil from the pool liner.

Add an enzyme-based water cleaner to the pool water in accordance with the cleaner's instructions. Enzymes break down organic matter and are frequently used in cleaning up oil spills. They work very well at removing oils and other contaminants from swimming pools.

Turn on your pool filter and run it until the oil is gone from the water.


Things You Will Need

  • Pool brush
  • Enzyme pool cleaner
  • Pool filter


  • Use a water testing kit to verify the water is safe for swimming before using the pool again.

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