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How to Change the Craftsman Hassle Free Weed Eater Line

Changing trimmer line is part of the normal routine maintenance that comes with the territory when owning a string trimmer. Trimmer line is typically made of nylon and spooled onto a trimmer cartridge by winding. However, some Craftsman trimmers utilize the Hassle Free spool system that allows for quickly and easily changing worn line or changing between line types. The trimmer uses medium-diameter red "A" line and smaller-diameter red "B" line for grass and small weeds, while a larger, black line is for use on heavy weeds and small brush.

Pull the glide plate from the bottom of the Craftsman Hassle Free trimmer head. Remove any old trimmer line.

Wipe the Glide plate and trimmer head with a damp rag to remove any dirt and debris.

Align the Glide plate with the proper hole in the trimmer head for the type of line to be used. Align the Glide plate with "A" or "B," depending on the line. The larger, black line goes in the "A" position.

Bend a length of Hassle Free trimmer line into a U shape. Insert both ends of the trimmer line into the holes in the Hassle Free trimmer head.

Push the line through and out the opposite side. Even the line, if necessary, so that the same amount of line is extending from both exit hole in the Hassle Free trimmer head.

Install A Weed Eater Line

Place the Weed Eater trimmer so it is supported and you can easily access the spool. Use the brush to remove any dirt, grass or debris from the spool and tap button. Feed one end of the trimmer line into the hole on the inside of the trimmer spool. Wrap the line around the spool in the direction indicated by the arrows on the spool. The direction can vary based on model, so use the arrows as reference. Push the tap button and spool assembly into the hub securely. Pull on the line extending from from the trimmer head to release it from the notch and prepare the trimmer for use.

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