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How to Get Rid of Flying Roaches

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Roaches are unpleasant home invaders, multiplying quickly and finding their way into and behind nearly everything in the house. To make matters worse, some types of roaches are also capable of flying. Many species of cockroaches are equipped with wings, which are used for gliding short distances. True flying roaches include Asian roaches (also called Palmetto bugs), wood roaches and smoky brown roaches. These insects are capable of flying significant distances and are often drawn to light. It is necessary to treat both the inside and the outdoor perimeter of your home to successfully get rid of flying roaches.

Identify the places where flying roaches are most likely to hide. This includes dark, rarely disturbed areas such as beneath or behind furniture, the tops of cabinets, under sinks and in drawers.

Place several baits containing insecticide near areas most likely to harbor the insects. Place a number of baits outdoors as well because some species of flying roaches are originally drawn to mulch and other substances often found in the landscape.

Apply insecticide in small crevices, windowsills and along wall boards where roaches often travel. Boric acid is a good choice, as it effectively kills flying cockroaches and is not as toxic to humans and animals as many other insecticides.

Use an insecticide fog if the infestation is not eliminated by other methods of control. Insecticide fog will not eliminate the bugs that are hiding, so continued treatment of favorite hiding spots may still be necessary. Remove all food and eating utensils from the area before treatment.

Make your home a less inviting place for flying roaches by taking preventative measures. Caulk along windows and doors so that they are not able to slip inside easily. Repair damaged window and door screens if necessary.

Place all open food, including pet food, into airtight, plastic containers. Do not leave food-crusted dishes or open beverages sitting out, and wipe up crumbs and spills quickly. Clean greasy areas, such as the stove's surface, each day.

Vacuum regularly, especially under and behind furniture and in cracks and corners.


Always read insecticide labels carefully before use and take all recommended precautions.

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