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How to Wrap a Potted Plant With Paper and a Bow

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Preparing a potted plant for display in your home or to give as a gift can seem a bit challenging at first. Luckily, you can wrap a potted plant with paper and a bow to get it looking festive and presentable without taking much time or effort, or harming your plant. Before you begin, select colors of paper and bows that reflect the theme of an event or holiday so your potted plant can really shine.

Measure the height of your plant's pot. Multiply the height by three and cut a square piece of floral foil paper to this size. Lay your foil paper on a flat surface with the coated side facing up.

Set your potted plant in the center of the foil paper. Slip your hands, palms facing up, under the foil paper and toward the plant on each side of the pot. Draw your hands upward to pull the foil paper up around the pot.

Continue to pull the foil paper upward around the pot allowing the paper to fold and crease as needed around the pot so it stays upright. Tape across the folds near the top of the pot to hold them in place.

Cut any additional decorative pieces of tissue paper or wrapping paper, if desired, to the size of your foil square minus 2 inches. Wrap additional paper around the pot just as you did with the foil in Steps 2 and 3.

Measure around the body of your plant's pot. Multiply that measurement by two and cut a length of ribbon to this size. Wrap the ribbon around the pot and tie in a bow. Use tape, if needed, to hold the ribbon in place on the paper and keep it from slipping down.

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