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How to Decorate an L-Shaped Basement

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A basement is a great space in which you can watch television, play pool or gather with the family. Discuss with your family the purpose of the basement and how you would like to use the space. Basement furniture is typically durable and comfortable and arranged for optimal comfort. While an L-shaped room can provide some decorating challenges, there are easy ways to overcome them and make your basement a place for all the family to enjoy.

Define the space. L-shaped rooms are best used as two distinct areas. For example, one section may be used as a seating area to watch TV while the other area may be used as a game room, complete with pool table. Decide how you want to use the two areas.

Identify the room's focal point. Once you have decided how you want to use the space, identify any architectural focal points, such as a fireplace or large window. If the room doesn't have a natural focal point, you can create a focal point with a flat-screen TV or colorful artwork.

Purchase any needed furniture. Since a basement is often used for family gatherings and entertaining purposes, the furniture should be comfortable and durable. Select furniture appropriate to how you plan to use your basement.

Arrange the furniture. Once you have selected your furnishings, group them in your two distinct areas. Area rugs are useful in anchoring separate furniture groupings. Chairs, end tables and a coffee table can be used to complete the individual furniture groupings.

Use repeated elements in both areas to ensure that they flow together. While you are creating two distinct areas within the room, it is still important that the areas complement each other. For example, use a single paint color and flooring material so as to not break up the room. Repeat motifs within both spaces. For example, if one area is used for watching TV and the other area for playing pool, include a pool-themed poster in the TV-viewing area to unite the spaces.

Install lighting options. Due to their location, basements tend to be dark.

Add accessories. Depending on your theme, accessories such as vintage posters, bar accessories and sports memorabilia, provide the finishing touches to the space.

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