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How to Tune Up a Craftsman Snowblower 5/23

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Tuning up your Craftsman 5/23 snow blower at the start of each winter ensures optimum performance and lengthens the life of your machine. Checking the scraper bar, rubber paddles, belts, screws and bolts -- along with a little engine maintenance -- keeps this 5 horsepower, 23-inch blower running well and makes the task of clearing your driveway and sidewalks easier. Regular tuning is imperative for a smoothly running machine.

Step 1

Empty any old gas out of the gas tank. Refill the tank with an 87-octane or higher gasoline after completing your tune up. Only put in the amount of gas you plan to use within 30 days.

Step 2

Tip your snow blower on its side and inspect the scraper bar for wear. This part scrapes against the ground as it removes snow and periodically needs replacement when the bar becomes worn.

Step 3

Check the rubber around the auger. If you can place your finger between the rubber and the auger, it is time to replace it. This will improve your snow blower's ability to draw snow and throw it.

Step 4

Tighten all the screws and bolts on your snow blower. A loose bolt on the handle can cause it to snap off when you apply pressure.

Step 5

Take the belt cover off and check the belts for cracking and wear. While you have the cover off, check the pulleys to be sure they are not loose. Any cracked or worn belts should be replaced. Tighten the pulleys as necessary.

Step 6

Change the oil with a 5W-30 motor oil. The Craftsman 5/23 has a four-stroke engine, so the oil is not mixed in with the gas. The oil should be changed once a year. Check your oil level before you start your engine each time, and add oil as necessary.

Step 7

Replace the spark plug. This will ensure easier, reliable starting when you need it.

Step 8

Start the snow blower and let it run for a few minutes after refilling it with gas. This will burn any old gas out of the fuel lines or the carburetor and get it primed for the new season.

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