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How to Grease a Cub Cadet LT1045

By Thomas West

The LT1045 is a small residential lawn tractor that is part of the Cub Cadet 1000 Series. Standard is a 20-horsepower, single-cylinder engine manufactured by Kohler, a 46-inch cutting deck and a hydrostatic transmission with cruise control. Even with modern improvements and features, a lawn tractor still needs regular maintenance. There are several fittings located throughout the tractor that need regular greasing to keep everything working smoothly.

Turn the mower blades off by pushing in on the PTO switch on the right side of the dashboard. Turn the ignition key off and remove it to prevent accidental starting. Set the parking brake.

Locate the grease fitting on one of the front wheel spindle king pins. Push the hose of a grease gun filled with multipurpose grease firmly onto the grease fitting until it locks into place. Pump the handle of the grease gun at least two times, then pull the hose off of the fitting. Wipe up any grease residue from the spindle with a rag. Repeat this procedure to grease the fitting on the opposite spindle. Repeat this procedure after every 25 hours of tractor operation.

Locate the grease fittings on the hubs of the cutting deck wheels. Grease these fittings in the same fashion as the spindles. Repeat this procedure after every 25 hours of tractor operation.

Lower the mower deck to its lowest setting using the deck lift lever to the right of the driver’s seat. Locate the grease fittings on each of the two cutting blade spindles on top of the deck. Grease these fittings in the same fashion; however, use a different grease gun filled with No. 2 multipurpose lithium grease. Pump the grease gun handle at least two times, or however many pumps it takes to sufficiently grease the spindle. Observe the spindles for grease coverage frequently and repeat this procedure as often as necessary.

Lubricate the hinged point of the drive system, deck lifting mechanism and parking brake linkage once a season with light oil.


Things You Will Need

  • Grease gun with multipurpose grease
  • Grease gun with No. 2 multipurpose lithium grease
  • Light lubricating oil
  • Rag