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Honda Rancher Winch Install

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The Honda Rancher is one of the heavy-duty ATVs sold by the Honda company. Used mostly by farmers and individuals with large tracts of land, the Rancher is a large-body ATV made exclusively for use on farms, and is built with a high-torque engine for pulling power. In addition, to make the vehicle even more flexible, the Rancher comes with a number of after-market modifications that are easy to install, such as a winch. No special tools are required for installation, which means you can quickly and easily get that winch on your Rancher, ready to give you an extra pull when you need it.

Unpackage the winch kit and ensure that you have all of the parts according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Locate the mounting plate for the winch, and inspect the front grill of the Rancher to locate the mounting holes. Line up the holes and mount the plate on the front of the ATV behind the grill. Tighten the bolts with a socket or wrench.

Attach the winch motor onto the mounting plate and bolt it on with the bolts that came with the kit. Tighten them with a socket or wrench. Run the wiring for the winch power switch up the handlebar of your choosing, and attach the power switch to the handlebar. Tighten the bracket with a screwdriver and fasten the wire connector if it is not already done.

Run the rest of the wire to the battery along the same path as the main headlight (follow the rest of the wires). Open the battery capacitor by loosening the connector with a screwdriver, wrench or socket (depending on the model of Rancher you own), and attach the battery connector for the winch. Replace all of the parts and test the winch to ensure proper installation.

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