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How to Reclassify a Manufactured Home

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If you have a manufactured home, you may want to know if you can change how it is classified so it will be considered real estate and a house. This would require filling out the appropriate form with your state's revenue office. You will have to provide proof that you meet the requirements. The process for doing this is lengthy, but it is not particularly complicated. The details of the process will vary somewhat from one place to the next, but in general you have to take a series of actions to give the home "permanence."

Ensure that the land and the home are both owned by the same person or persons. You must also have a Certificate of Occupancy and all taxes must be up to date.

Choose at least a double-wide home for the process, and place it on a permanent foundation, such poured concrete. The tongue and hitch must have been removed to make it impossible (or at least difficult) to move the home elsewhere.

Install fixed water and sewer lines. Take photos of the home from every angle and close up photos to illustrate the fact you have met the requirements.

Go to the Revenue Office, bringing your documentation with you. Fill out the necessarily from and then all persons whose names are listed on the title or the deed to the land must sign the form.

Release the title of the manufactured home to the state's DMV office.

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