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How do I Vacuum with a Hayward Pro Series Pool Pump?

By Jean Asta ; Updated September 21, 2017
Use your Hayward Pools Pro Series pump and filter with your pool's vacuum.

The Hayward Pools Pro Series of pool filters and pumps use sand to filter debris out of the pool water before returning the water to the pool. It pumps water into and back out of the filter canister, but the suction valve on the pump can also be connected to your pool vacuum if you want to filter a specific region of the pool or vacuum out a particular concentration of debris.

Connect your pool's vacuum to the Pro Series pool pump and filter so that the vacuum pulls water from the pool and into the entry valve on the Hayward pump.

Turn the filter control valve to "Filter" for normal filtering or turn it to "Waste" to bypass the filter if there is a high level of debris. This will send the water and debris directly to the waste line.

Turn on the pump and vacuum and run until water in the filter canister's sight glass is clear.

Turn off the pump and the vacuum. Disconnect the vacuum from the pump.



  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when operating your vacuum and Pro Series filter and pump. See the Resources section to find the user's manual for your particular model.

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