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How to Change an Impeller on a Power-Flo LX Pool Pump

By Cellina LaForey
Replace the Hayward pool pump impeller for proper pool filtration
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The Hayward Power Flow LX pool pump can provide many years of trouble-free filtration. However, normal wear and tear in combination with age eventually causes internal parts to malfunction or require replacement. If the impeller on a Hayward Power Flow LX pool pump begins to fail, you have two options. You could buy a new pump or you can save money by replacing the impeller yourself.

Shut off the pool filter and unplug the Hayward pool pump.

Turn the hose valves to the "Off" position. If you have valves on your return hose and the skimmer hose, turn them to the "Off" position. If you don't have "On/Off" valves, plug both the skimmer and the return to prevent water from entering the pool filtration system.

Disconnect the skimmer hose from the Hayward Power Flow LX intake. The intake is located in front of the pump basket.

Remove the pool pump from the filter housing. To do this, loosen the connection between the pump's discharge and the filter housing's intake.

Separate the pump basket from the Hayward power flow LX pump assembly. The pump basket is connected to the rear motor assembly by eight hexagonal housing bolts. Loosen and remove the bolts to separate the pump basket from the rest of the pump assembly.

Locate the impeller. On the Power Flow LX pool pump, the impeller is located right behind the housing cover. Once you loosen the eight hex bolts and remove the housing cover, you'll have direct access to the impeller.

Open the back cover of the motor housing. Although you have full access to the impeller by removing the housing cover, you won't be able to unscrew the impeller, because turning the impeller also turns the motor shaft. The motor shaft must remain stationary in order to unscrew the impeller. Therefore, you have to access the shaft through the back of the motor. After you have removed the back cover of the motor, take a 7/16-inch wrench to hold the shaft in place while you unscrew the impeller.

Rotate the impeller counterclockwise to remove it. Once it's removed, replace it with the new impeller.

Reassemble the Hayward Power Flow LX pump and connect it to the pool filter housing. Connect the skimmer hose to the Hayward pump intake and turn all hose valves to the "On" position. If you plugged the skimmer and the pool inlet in Step 1, remove the plugs.

Plug in the pump and run the filter.


Things You Will Need

  • 7/16-inch wrench
  • Ratchet set


  • When replacing the impeller, you should also replace the O-ring. If the pump is old enough to require a new impeller, more than likely it needs a new O-ring, too. O-rings are inexpensive.
  • Check for pool pump leaks. If you detect a leak, tighten the bolts.

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