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How to Trim Arugula

By Dale Yalanovsky
Use arugula as a flavoring agent or as a garnish.
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Arugula is a salad green and herb known from ancient Roman times, and is a member of the cabbage family. It is a strong, pungent-smelling plant that is mostly used as a flavoring in salads, pasta and even sandwiches. It is best used as a garnish or accent as a little bit goes a long way, due to its sharp taste and smell.

Pick arugula leaves from a home garden, or get them at your favorite produce section at any grocery store or vegetable market.

Grasp the leaves proper, and hold them firmly down on a cutting board.

Cut off the stems and roots with a paring knife or a pair of culinary scissors. Trim these parts to remove all fibrous, woody or chewy texture from the leaves themselves, but allow the leaf to remain intact.

Dispose of the stems and other trimmed parts in either a compost pile or the trash container.


Things You Will Need

  • Paring knife or culinary scissors
  • Cutting board


  • Always use extra caution when cutting with a knife or scissors.

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