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How to Keep Zoysia Grass From Spreading to Adjoining Lawns

Zoysia grass is a popular warm season grass that provides a thick turf. According to Texas A&M University, zoysia grass is an effective choice of grass for gardeners who live in dry areas of the country. However, zoysia grass can quickly spread in moist conditions to adjoining lawns. Its vigorous growth can invade other areas of your yard or your neighbor's and create an untidy appearance. By keeping zoysia grass in its designated location, you can have both a neat yard and happy neighbors.

Check with your neighbors before digging up their lawn. You may want to set up a meeting to check out the problem areas in your adjoining yards.

If your neighbors consent, spray the adjoining lawn with an herbicide that is chemically formulated to kill zoysia grass. Choose a dry day for spraying to reduce the risk of the herbicide traveling to ornamental plants.

Once the unwanted zoysia grass has died, press stakes around the perimeters of your lawn with a rubber mallet. You can wet the lawn if you are having difficulty pushing the stakes into the soil. Tie a string from stake to stake to get a clear idea of the perimeters of the lawn.

Push a shovel 6 inches underneath the soil to remove the dead zoysia grass, including the roots, that has grown beyond your yard. Throw the grass and roots away.

Pick the type of edging you want to use in your yard to contain your zoysia grass. Types of edging include stone, bricks, rubber or logs. Measure the height and width of your edging material of choice. The deeper your edging material the less likely the zoyzia will jump over to the adjoining lawn. Edging material roughly 6 inches tall should provide an adequate barrier.

Dig a trench slightly shallower than your edging material with a trowel or half-moon spade. The edging material will settle an inch over time. Make the width 3 inches wider than your edging material. Follow the string in order to get a straight line. Pack the soil at the bottom of the trench with the trowel to achieve a flat surface. Place a level at the bottom to ensure that it is flat.

Set the edging material inside of the trench and pack soil around its sides. Butt the edges of the edging material to provide little room for your zoysia grass to escape. Continue down the perimeters.

Pour the type of grass seed that has been planted in the adjoining lawn the adjoining lawn into a seed spreader. Till the bare earth to break up the soil. Spread the seed at the rate specified on the grass seed package label directions. Cover the grass seed lightly with compost. Water the soil until it is moist, and keep it moist until the seed has sprouted.


Monitor your lawn for several months to ensure that the zoysia has not jumped over the edging.

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