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How to Fold a Pool Cover

A pool cover's main function is to protect the pool from debris, such as twigs, leaves and dirt. There are also several types of pool covers, all of which offer various features. A solar pool cover is used to heat pool water; a winter pool cover is thicker and can withstand various weather elements, such as rain and snow. If the pool cover is not going to be used for a prolonged period of time, it should be cleaned, folded and properly stored to protect it while not in use.

Pull the pool cover so it is completely flat.

Fold a 3-foot portion of any end of the pool cover over, so it is lying on top of the pool cover.

Pinch the two corners where the top layer is folded over the bottom layer. While pinching the layers together, gently lift the section and tuck it under the next section of pool cover. You are folding the pool cover in the same way you would fold paper to make a fan: over, under, over, under. Continue folding the pool cover in 3-foot sections until you reach the end of the pool cover.

Lay the pool cover lengthwise. Starting at either end, tightly roll the pool cover. Roll the pool cover in the same way that you would roll a sleeping bag. Squeeze out as much air as possible.

Secure the cover using the plastic bag it was sold in, or gently tie a piece of rope around the bundled up pool cover. Do not pull the rope tight, as it can rip or tear the cover.

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