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How to Program the Rainbird E-4C Sprinkler Timer

By Patrick Nelson ; Updated September 21, 2017
Turn the programming dial to
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Rain Bird's E-4C sprinkler timer features three programs with independent watering days, four watering start times per program, options to set any day of the week as an irrigation day, budgeting of water and battery backup. Using the sprinkler timer involves setting the current time and day and then programming---telling the timer when and how long you'd like to water. The timer sends a signal to open and shut the valves based on this data.

Select one of the three programs---A, B or C---by turning the programming dial to "Day Cycle" and pressing the "Program" button until "A," "B" or "C" shows on the display. Press "+" or "-" until the watering day cycle shows on the display. For example, "1" to "6" waters every one to six days, "Ev" waters on even days, and so on. Use the "Enter" button to confirm an option.

Set the program start time by turning the dial to "Prgm Start Time" and using the "+" and "-" buttons to choose a time. Press the "Enter" button to confirm and move to the next data entry.

Set the run times by turning the dial to the "Station Run Time" position, using the "+" and "-" buttons and pressing "Enter" to select or move forward.

Turn the dial to "Water Budget" to adjust the water budget. The number "100" will show on the display to indicate watering is at 100 percent. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to set the percentage. For example, setting it to "80" will reduce run time to 80 percent---so a 10-minute run time will run for eight minutes instead.

Turn the programming dial to "Auto" to run all of the Rain Bird E-4C sprinkler timer programs automatically.


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