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How to Put Curves in Paver Patios

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Creating a paver patio with the rectangular pavers in common use is a simple task, so most patios use a square shape that minimizes construction time. However, this approach greatly limits patio design. While curved pavers exist, they too limit design, as you must follow the pre-established curvature of the pavers when laying them in place. For a fully customizable patio shape you'll have to modify normal straight-edged pavers, cutting them when necessary to create the curve you need for your patio design.

Use full-sized pavers set at an angle to create gentle curves. Arrange the pavers onto the bed of sand so they create the curve you need without cutting. For a concave curve, place the pavers with the points of the outside edge touching but with a slight space between the inside corners of the pavers so they form an angled space between them. For a convex curve, use the opposite method, with the inside corners touching and the outside corners spaced slightly.

Install the edge restraints along the curved edge. Place the restraints beneath the lower edge of the pavers following the curve, and then secure them to the ground by hammering steel spikes through the holes in the edge restraints into the soil.

Fill the gaps between the pavers with sand to complete the surface.

Create more acute curves in the patio edge by cutting the curve into the pavers prior to placement. Place the full pavers onto the sand bed of the patio where you intend to establish your curve. Mark the curve onto the face of the pavers using chalk.

Remove the pavers and scribe the chalked line into the paver surface with the edge of a chisel. Cut the pavers along the line using a wet saw. Place the cut pavers onto the sand bed and tap them into final positions, creating the patio curve. Install the edge restraints, and then fill the joints between the pavers with sand to complete the curved installation.

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