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How to Clean Black Mold Stains From an Outdoor Wood Table

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Black mold is from the fungus family and it thrives in conditions that include warmth and moisture. Outdoor wood furniture that's exposed to warm, moist conditions is a prime candidate for the growth of black mold spores. When left unattended, black mold will continue to grow and spread on your outdoor wood table and may weaken the wood. Remove black mold carefully to ensure it doesn't spread elsewhere or come back to your wooden table.

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Pour 5 ounces pine disinfectant cleaner into a bucket and add 1 gallon hot water. Put rubber gloves on and stir the cleaning solution with your hands.

Soak a scrub brush in the pine cleaner solution and scrub your outdoor wood table. Move the table onto the grass or another area away from other furniture so mold spores don't land on the surrounding furniture. Rinse your scrub brush, frequently, then reapply more pine cleaner and continue to scrub the black mold off the furniture.

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Rinse your outdoor wood table with water from the hose.

Mix a solution of 1 cup bleach and 1 gallon hot water in the bucket. Apply the diluted bleach solution to your wood table using the scrub brush. Scrub the entire surface of the table to ensure the bleach kills any tiny mold spores that still remain after washing the wood with the disinfectant cleaner.

Hose down your wood table thoroughly to remove the diluted bleach solution. Pat your table dry with old, clean towels, then allow your table to finish drying in direct sunlight. Sunlight is also a natural mold killer and will rid your table of any black mold spores that still remain.


Store outdoor wooden furniture in a dry location to prevent black mold from growing.

Substitute washing soda for pine disinfectant cleaner for washing mold off your table.

Dry your outdoor wood table in the sunlight after rain.


Shake or dust off clothing outside after cleaning black mold from your table so you don't carry any mold spores indoors with you.

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