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How to Kill Weeds Around Trees

By Ashley Kurz ; Updated September 21, 2017
Keep weeds under control around your trees.

While weeds are a nuisance that require constant attention, there are many chemical and organic herbicides on the market that are quite effective. However, one area where chemicals and other herbicides can do more harm than good is around trees. Weeds often grow around the base of a tree, stealing nutrients and water in the soil, choking the tree. Chemical control is not the best choice, but there are other ways to eradicate these weeds.

Pull weeds as soon as you see them. Pull firmly at the base of the weed to pull it up along with the roots. Pull as many of the weeds as you can, since this is the most effective weed control method -- and it is an instant fix.

Rake the area under your tree to remove stones, sticks and yard debris.

Lay a single layer of newspaper over the entire weed-infested area around the tree.

Pour mulch or gravel over the newspaper to weigh it down and cover the unsightly look of the newspaper. Leave the newspaper in place, as it will break down into the soil and prevent weeds from growing in the area by acting as a block to the ground surface.


Things You Will Need

  • Rake
  • Newspaper
  • Mulch or gravel


  • Plant a ground cover variety suitable for the area around your tree. The ground cover will choke out the weeds and take over the area. If you choose to do this, water your tree during dry spells to avoid competition between the tree and the ground cover.

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