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Model 511A Oregon Chainsaw Sharpener Instructions

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The electric chainsaw chain sharpener, model 511A from the Oregon Company, is a bench-mounted grinder. These sharpeners are intended for those that have a high-quantity of chains to sharpen. You can set the depth, angle and pitch of the sharpening with manual settings on the grinder. It uses a special grinding stone that allows you to file chains at their proper angle. You can sharpen any brand of chains with this sharpener, not just Oregon brand chains.

Set the 511A sharpener onto a bench. Secure it in place by clamping or screwing it to the work desk. Make sure it doesn’t wobble or shake during operation.

Open the clamp by loosening the clamp handle. Place the chain into the clamp with the teeth tips pointing towards the stone. Secure the chain by closing the clamp handle.

Adjust the filing angle of the chain by rotating the clamp and the pivoting circle underneath it. Set the angle to the specification on the chain’s box. Refer to the chain's box for specific pitch, gauge, angle and stone settings.

Set the depth of the filing by adjusting the depth gauge on top of the two metal clamps. This sets how deep the file will go down.

Adjust the pitch of the chain by adjusting the pitch knob to meet the specifications for your chain. The pitch knob is behind the depth knob and is also on the clamp closest to the stone.

Adjust the angle of the stone in the grinder. The stone will either determine this angle or the box the chain came in will. This angle allows the stone to file the teeth at the proper curve or hook that is consistent with chainsaw chains.

Put your safety glasses and leather gloves on. Turn the machine on. Bring the grinder down onto the tooth for one to two seconds. Stop the machine and look at the sharpened tooth. Make any necessary adjustments in depth, angle or gauge of the filing.

Turn the machine on and sharpen the tooth for one to two seconds. Make any adjustments and move the chain up to the next tooth. Continue sharpening all of the teeth angled to the same side. Turn the chain around and sharpen the other side.


Do not over-file your chains as this will weaken them and make them more susceptible to damage.

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