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How to Remove the Impeller on a Hayward Pool Pump

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Hayward manufactures high quality pool products. Even with high quality products, parts do eventually break down and require replacement. The impeller is the heart of a pool pump assembly because it creates the vacuum. When the impeller needs to be replaced, it requires special care. Unlike a new pool hose or skimmer, the impeller is located in an out of the way place that takes time and patience to locate, remove and replace.

Turn off and unplug the pump. Turning off the power isn’t good enough. Many pumps are on self timers and may unexpectedly turn back on. To prevent electric shock, unplug the pump.

Disconnect the pump/motor assembly from the pool and the filter housing. This means disconnecting the skimmer and main drain hoses. If you have a valve to shut off the water flow from the return hose to the filter, turn it to the “Off” position. If not, disconnect the return hose from the filter. This will prevent the water from rushing through the filter back to the pump when you disconnect the pump from the filter housing.

Remove the bolts at the water discharge housing. The discharge housing is located in back of the pump basket and in front of the motor. By removing these bolts you’ll be able to access the impeller.

Loosen and remove the bolts that secure the back of the motor housing. Although you can see the impeller by removing the bolts from the water discharge housing, in order to remove it, you have to access the nut in back of the impeller that resides in the motor housing. The nut is what holds the screw that affixes the impeller to the motor.

Hold the nut with a pair of pliers. Once you've removed the back of the motor you able to get the pliers into the housing to hold the nut in place. While holding the nut, use a screwdriver on the front of the impeller to loosen and remove the screw. Once the screw is removed, you can remove the impeller.

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