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How do I Find a Garcinia Cambogia Supplement?

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Garcinia cambogia is a fruit from India that's gained enough attention as a weight-loss remedy to warrant a fact sheet by the U.S. Army Medical Department. In its native land, Garcinia cambogia treats rheumatism and bowel problems. It also doubles as a spice in curry dishes. Despite the claims in the United States, research hasn't proven that taking Garcinia cambogia supplements makes you weigh less. Yet, the supplements have become widespread, mostly as tablets and capsules. Some manufacturers also sell chewing gum, power bars, tea and even salad dressing laced with Garcinia cambogia. It isn't hard to find.

Pay a visit to your local health food store. Garcinia cambogia falls in the category of "natural products." You're likely to find a larger selection of its supplements, with different potencies and formulas, at the natural food store than at the pharmacy aisle in your supermarket. Health food stores also usually hire someone with a strong knowledge of herbs to assist customers. Find out whether such a person is available to explain to you the difference among all the Garcinia cambogia products.

Do an online search. A Google search using the keyword phrase "Garcinia cambogia supplement" returns over 63,000 results. The advantage of buying online is that the prices are often lower than at the store. But check the shipping fees to avoid overpaying in the end. The disadvantage of online shopping is that sometimes you don't know the quality of what you're getting. A health food store owner is concerned with his reputation and is likely to research products before putting them for sale on his shelves.

Ask your alternative health care provider about Garcinia cambogia. Chiropractors, naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists, for instance, often sell supplements in their offices to increase their income. These providers tend to sell products they've used themselves successfully, or that they know have helped their patients. They also buy from reputable companies, since their careers are on the line and they could lose clients. If you have a relationship with an alternative health care provider, find out whether she sells Garcinia cambogia or can get it from her distributor.

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