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How to Replace a Hayward Skimmer Faceplate

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Pool owners understand that along with owning a pool comes the task of learning how to replace parts that become damaged. After a long cold summer, sometimes a skimmer basket cracks and needs to be replaced. Other times, the skimmer basket remains in tact, but the skimmer faceplate becomes damaged and/or dirty and must be changed. Fortunately, Hayward skimmer faceplates are readily available in most pool supply stores and are quick and easy to replace.

Lower the pool water. Drop the water level about an inch or so below the level of the existing faceplate. Doing so gives you room to work. It also prevents water from getting between the liner and the pool wall while you're working.

Loosen and remove the screws on the existing faceplate. Once you remove the screws, the faceplate and the old rubber seal should come right off.

Put the screws in the existing holes to prevent the liner from shifting. Unless you have the new Hayward skimmer faceplate ready and waiting, you should place the screws in the bottom holes where the old face plate used to be. The weight of the water pulls the liner. The longer it takes between removing the old faceplate and installing the new Hayward skimmer face plate, the more the liner will shift from the water weight.

Position the new Hayward skimmer faceplate and rubber seal. The seal is included in Hayward faceplate kits. Line up the holes of the rubber seal with the holes of the faceplate and then line everything up with the existing holes in the liner.

Remove the place holding screws and use them to affix the new Hayward skimmer faceplate to the pool wall. Tighten the screws to prevent water from getting in between the liner and the wall.

Add water to the pool to bring it up to its prior water level.

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