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Building a Fire Pit on Concrete Slabs

By B.T. Alo ; Updated September 21, 2017
Create a warm atmosphere in the yard with a fire pit.

Concrete slabs provide an ideal base for installing a fire pit; they are stable, fireproof and typically already level. If you have a concrete patio, or have laid a concrete slab specifically for the fire pit, you will be creating an outdoor feature that can provide both warmth, light and if occasion calls for it, food. Fire pits can easily be turned into a makeshift barbecue grill by simply putting a grill plate over the opening.

Draw the dimensions of the fire pit onto the concrete slab, using chalk. Most fire pits are round, but you can make a square, rectangular, octagon or any other shape you want. If you're using a fire pit insert, use the size of the insert as a guide to the pit dimensions.

Dry-lay the bricks around the chalked-in lines. Build up the walls of the bricks to around 2 feet high, staggering the joints to add strength.

Mix the surface bonding cement according to the manufacturer's directions. Apply the cement to the entire brick structure. Use the trowel to smooth on the cement, creating a layer all over around ½ inch thick. Extend the cement out at the base around 5 inches, then graduate it to the level of the concrete slab. Allow the pit to cure for at least three days.


Things You Will Need

  • Chalk
  • Fire pit insert (optional)
  • Bricks
  • Surface bonding cement
  • Trowel


  • If you are feeling creative, add mosaic to the outside of the fire pit; this gives the pit a more decorative appeal and takes away some of the utilitarian look of an all-cement pit.
  • Some surface bonding cement brands produced colored cement, so if you want to add a touch of decoration without going so far as to use mosaic, look for colored cement.
  • Add a metal mesh plate on the bottom of the pit, and a grill plate on the top to transform it into a makeshift barbecue; if you want to set the mesh plate higher for use with coals, prop it up with a couple of bricks on the bottom of the pit.


  • Monitor children, pets or inebriated individuals when there's a fire in the pit.

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