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How to Build a Garden Cart With Bicycle Wheels

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A garden cart is similar to a wheelbarrow, but is smaller and meant to be moved around a small garden more easily than a wheelbarrow. You can use these carts for moving soil, tools and other equipment from your shed or one corner of your garden to another spot of your yard. You can build a simple garden cart using recycled parts from a basic bicycle hitching trailer, including the sturdy and durable bicycle wheels.

Stand the bicycle trailer up. Place a piece of plywood on the bottom. Cut the wood with a saw so it covers the entire floor of the trailer but doesn’t interfere with the bicycle wheels.

Screw the plywood to the bottom part of the frame using screws and a power drill.

Cut three more pieces of plywood to fit on the inside and back vertical sides of the trailer. These will be the walls of the cart.

Attach the walls inside the trailer using more screws. Make sure the wood is securely attached to the frame of the trailer, adding more screws if it isn’t.

Lay a length of 1x2 along each side of the trailer, resting on top of the walls. The 1x2s should be parallel to each other and along the right and left sides.

Drill through the wood to attach both pieces in place to the frame of the trailer and the walls. The 1x2s should be just the length of the trailer.

Place a wooden broom handle on the underside of each of the 1x2s and secure them in place. These are the handles of the cart, so make sure they are long enough to hold and are sticking out from the closed, backside of the cart.


You can look for used bicycle trailers at second-hand stores and garage sales to make this project very cheap.


Do not use garden carts to carry children, as they don’t provide security or protection.

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