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How to Cool a Hot Concrete Patio Deck

By Helen Jain ; Updated September 21, 2017
Concrete patios get very hot without shade or cooling materials.

Concrete patio decks are aesthetically pleasing, especially when the deck leads to a pool or similar structure, but the problem concrete patios present is heat. The sun heats up the concrete and can make it unbearably hot during the summer months or on a hot day. While the temperature might not discourage outdoor activities, a hot patio might make outdoor activities on the patio uncomfortable.

Spray cold water over the concrete. For temporary and immediate relief, cold water is the best option to cool it. It works immediately and keeps the concrete cool until the water evaporates and dries. This is only a temporary measure, but it works immediately.

Stain the concrete a light color. Dark colored concrete can soak up the sun and produce more heat while light colored concrete will reflect the sun and is ultimately much cooler. A simple stain can change the color to a lighter color.

Place a large deck umbrella, gazebo tent or any other structure that can provide shade over the deck. A permanent structure might not always be appropriate, depending on winter weather conditions and how long it might last, but temporary structures are available in home goods stores, wholesale stores or even sporting goods stores. A temporary gazebo-like tent or an umbrella can provide shade and keep the worst of the sun off the patio to result in lower temperatures.

Apply a concrete cooling material. Materials like Cool Deck are applied directly over the concrete and are designed to cool down the patio deck. They are available at home goods stores or hardware stores, usually in the outdoor or garden areas. The materials seal, waterproof and extend concrete life while keeping the deck much cooler. These materials are usually added when the concrete is poured and drying to seal the concrete, but adding later to reduce heat is another option.


Things You Will Need

  • Water
  • Hose
  • Light colored concrete stain
  • Large umbrella, gazebo tent or similar structure
  • Cooling material

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