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How to Pour Concrete Patios in Sections

By James J. Siegel
Concrete can be layed in seperate sections to create designated spaces.

Concrete patio slabs help create designated spaces in your backyard. Should you want separate spaces for patio furniture and grilling equipment, constructing sections of concrete slabs will do the trick. Follow directions for a regular concrete slab. The only difference is you will add extra barriers to your design.

Measure out the entire area that will be used for the concrete sections. Drive a wooden stake in the ground at each corner. Rope off the area by connecting the stakes with twine.

Excavate the site. Remove all dirt and sod with a shovel to a depth of six inches.

Lay out a framework of 2-by-4 lumber along the interior perimeter of the hole. Place the 2-by-4 pieces against the wall. Add a wooden stake between the 2-by-4 lumber and the wall of the hole. Drill the 2-by-4 into the wooden stake. Add these wooden stakes every two feet.

Divide the excavated space into smaller sections. Run new 2-by-4 lumber from the top and bottom of the original 2-by-4 framework. The placement of the 2-by-4 lumber depends on how many sections you want and how large you want the sections to be. If you place two 2-by-4 pieces running from top to bottom, you will have three sections. Drill the new 2-by-4 pieces into the framework.

Add two inches of gravel to each section. Tamp down the gravel with a shovel to pack it and even out the area.

Place two-inch-thick bricks on top of the gravel in each section. Add a couple bricks to the center of each section and some on the sides.

Place metal reinforcement screens on top of the bricks in each section.

Mix concrete and then pour it into each section. Make sure the concrete completely covers each reinforcement screen.

Level out the wet concrete by dragging a 2-by-4 over the area. Smooth out the concrete with a trowel.

Cover each section with a burlap sheet. Spray the areas with a hose. Keep the sheet on the sections for five to seven days. Lightly spray the area with water over the next week until the sections have cured and dried.


Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Wood stakes
  • Twine
  • Shovel
  • 2-by-4 piece of lumber
  • Drill
  • Gravel
  • Two-inch-thick bricks
  • Metal reinforcement screen


  • If you are not comfortable creating all sections at one time, create one concrete slab and add new ones later. Excavate the site next to your first framework of 2-by-4s to create the new section.


  • Read all directions on mixing concrete. The directions on the package will let you know exactly how much concrete to mix for the dimension and depth of your patio.

About the Author


James J. Siegel is a journalist with over ten years of experience. He graduated from Bowling Green State University and works as an editor for a trade magazine. His freelance work has appeared in San Francisco Apartment Magazine and Meefers.com.