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Homemade Bird Feeder Bottle

By Meghan McClain
You can build your own bird feeder at home in a few steps.

There are many ways to recycle 2-liter soda bottles. One practical and educational way to reuse an old plastic bottle is to create a bird feeder. Whether you enjoy bird watching or you just need a fun and educational craft to enjoy with your kids on a rainy day, building this bird feeder is quick, simple, and best of all, virtually free. If any of the materials needed are not already available at home, they can be purchased at any craft or department store.

Remove the label from the soda bottle. Wash the bottle inside and out, then dry completely.

Drill a 1/16-inch hole into the lid and the middle of the bottom of the bottle using the power drill and 1/16-inch drill bit.

Feed the wire through the bottom of the bottle and then through the cap, from the inside to the outside of the bottle. Wrap the wire securely around the neck of the soda bottle. Create a four inch wire loop at the end of the bottle to use as the hanger.

Drill two 5/16-inch holes towards the capped end of the soda bottle on opposite sides of each other. Drill two more holes 1/2-inch above them. Position the holes so that when the perches are inserted they will cross in the middle.

Insert the dowel rods into the holes. Ensure that they support each other by crossing in the center of the bottle.

Cut or drill a small hole two inches above each perch to serve as the feed holes.

Fill the feeder with desired bird feed and hang at an appropriate viewing height from a stand or tree branch.


Things You Will Need

  • One 2-liter soda bottle
  • Two 5/16-inch by 8-inch dowel rods
  • One 3-foot-long piece of thin metal wire
  • Power drill
  • 1/16-inch drill bit
  • 5/16-inch drill bit


  • Use tree branch twigs instead of dowel rods for perches if desired.
  • Decorate the feeder after assembly with paint or markers.


  • Wear safety gloves while using drill.

About the Author


Meghan McClain started writing in 2001. She primarily writes home and garden articles for eHow. McClain studied creative writing and journalism at Morehead State University.